Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I've Moved!

For the two of you following my game system development this will be the spot to check in on the progress. I've moved over my previous posts and will be using this site from now on. When I get some free time I will be updating the Tome GS project and adding a few others. I will be changing the design of the TGS to use the nokia lcd instead of the siemens s65. Also I will be removing the bluetooth module and replacing it with zigbee(cheaper and can use it to control my robots).

The Tome MP will be redesigned too and since it will use the same microcontroller and display as the TGS software development will go faster. Here is an old video of my TMP progress.


  1. hi, nice work, will you post any schematic or code? rgds.

  2. When I finish the redesign I plan to post the files.